About Your Pets Naturally

Our Story

Your Pets Naturally is Northern Michigan’s only holistic pet supply compay. Our mission is to guide pet owners into making the right decisions when it comes to feeding our four legged friends. Most of us are in the dark when it comes to the truth about commercial pet food and what is really in it! The bottom line is, we are a company comprised of animal lovers and we want to educate our customers about the many ways healthy food leads to healthy pets.

Kathy Hyland

Kathy Hyland – The Owner

Kathy loves dogs!!  Plain and simple.  When her Boston Terrier Lucy became ill with intestinal and skin problems Kathy decided to find out for herself what was going on.  She spent some time researching pet foods and was shocked to find out some of the truths about the pet food industry.  Many of the major commercial brands are owned by corporate giants and the quality of our pets foods has been compromised to make way for more profits. Our pets in the U.S. are being forced to eat foods that are not good for them.   Once Lucy’s diet was changed to a healthy whole food kibble containing real meat and no corn, her issues subsided.  This is where Kathy’s passion to help other pet owners was born. Feel free to contact Kathy if you have any questions or of course stop in anytime!

Our Dedicated Team

At Your Pets Naturally we pride our selves in knowledge.  Each one of our helpful staff is extensively trained and will have the knowledge it takes to help a customer make important decisions for the health of there pet.  Whether it is food or treats, toys or supplements, we can answer your questions.  We believe a well trained team is a successful team!

Your Pet Naturally Team